People with Diabetes want truly noninvasive glucose monitoring solutions

Does truly noninvasive mean removing the skin pricks?
Actually, it means much more...


Noninvasive means noninvasive to your lifestyle


No needles or adhesives

No scarring or rashes due to adhesive


Accuracy that exceeds FDA requirements.

Less Expensive

Half the cost of current Continuous Glucose Monitoring options.


Small enough to fit into a watch or phone.

Better Aesthetics

Nobody has to know your watch is actually a medical device.

Alleviate data overload

Data tailored to your wants and needs. Potentially part of a closed loop system.


A device that manifests all the above requirements is noninvasive to a person and their lifestyle.


A promising breakthrough noninvasive technology

Radio frequency (RF) spread spectrum identification and quantization of glucose has the potential to revolutionize continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) by enabling devices to be noninvasive to a person's lifestyle.


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